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Two-year-old office visit

General Information for a 2 year old child: Ashburn Pediatrics Loudoun

Behavior –
Be firm but reward good behavior. Encourage your child to explore, but physically remove your child from dangerous situations. Do not keep saying "No", instead try distracting your child. Limit Setting is very important. Use time out consistently. Your child will constantly surprise you with new abilities. Play at this age is more parallel, they are not ready for sharing quite yet.

Healthy habits –
Try to encourage reading and try to limit TV watching. Introduce your child to the library, and watch TV together. It is time to have a bedtime routine including regular brushing. Give your child small chores. Successful completion of tasks will build confidence. It is never too early to protect your child from the sun.

Development -
Your child should have good command over his or her environment. Walking, and running without falling is common. Children can easily climb/descend steps and feed themselves with utensils. They can help undress and stack 4 blocks. Their vocabulary is growing exponentially (at least 20 words) and they can use two word sentences. Fifty percent of their words should be understood by a stranger. They know six body parts. They usually know their name and understand the use of a few pronouns: I, me, you.

Diet -
This is a good time to switch to low fat milk. Avoid mealtime struggles. Snacks are important, teach your child healthy eating habits by using fruits and vegetables for snacks. Your child does not need that many calories at this age and will eat when he or she gets hungry.

Safety (Falls) –
Never underestimate your child’s ability to climb. If your child can already climb out of the crib, this may be a good time to switch to a bed. Make sure bookshelves and appliances are attached to walls.

Water -
Never leave your child unattended around water (pools, tubs, toilets, and even buckets). Also take care around hot liquids (coffee cup).

Syrup of Ipecac -
Should be available in your home (But should only be given as directed by the Poison Control Center 1-800-222-1222

Playtime -
Don’t forget about helmets, protective pads, or eye safety when your child is out playing. Careful supervision is necessary when playing near a street or where mowers or tools are around.


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