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Twelve-month-old office visit

General Information for a 12 month old child:

Behavior –
Allow your child to explore, but you may need to physically remove your child from a dangerous situation. Rather than repeating the word "No", try distracting your child. Be firm; limit setting is very important at this age. However, reward good behavior.

Development -
Many kids are able to say a few words including "mama and dada." At this age, they start to learn one new word a week. Most children are able to walk with help. Finger feeding with 2 fingers is common. This is a good time to start reading to your child, naming body parts and colors.

Diet -
It is safe to introduce cow’s milk to your child. Discourage the use of a bottle, and continue to wean your child from the bottle. You can either do this cold turkey or give less desirable liquids like water in the bottle. Encourage all four food groups in your child's diet. If your child does not like a particular selection, do not force it on your child; just try again later. Expect a slump in your child's appetite as their rate of growth slows down. Avoid nuts, hot dogs, raisins, and gum because kids can easily choke.

Safety Choking -
This is the age everything goes into your baby's mouth. Watch out for small objects, toys or pieces of food. Be careful of what your older child is sharing with your baby.

Water -
Never leave your child unattended around water (pools, tubs, toilets, and even buckets).

Cars -
Rear facing car seats should be used in one of the rear seats until your baby reaches 20lb and is a year old.

General -
Children love to climb and pull up. Ensure bookshelves and appliances are secured to walls, and will not easily tip over. Curtain and appliance cords should be out of reach. All potentially poisonous substances should be put in elevated cabinets. Put the number for the poison control center in a prominent place. Place gates near stairs, and secure windows. Tables with sharp edges should be removed or padded until your child is more steady. Remove sharp objects, lock up guns, and plug outlets.

Prevnar (Streptococcus pneumoniae) (Spanish)  - Can cause fever and redness. Prevents serious cause of pneumonia and meningitis.
Hepatitis A  (Spanish) -Prevents a common cause of serious hepatitis
MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) (Spanish)
Rubella component can cause some joint discomfort. Measles component can cause fever, pain, and a temporary rash.

More information on the vaccinations:

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