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Three-year-old office visit

General Information for a 3 year old child:

Behavior –
Be firm but reward good behavior. Encourage exploring and independence, but keep firm limits. Use time out consistently. Use "No" sparingly. Your child should be learning how to share and to take turns.

Healthy habits –
Try to encourage reading and try to limit TV watching. Introduce your child to the library, and watch TV together. It is time to have a bedtime routine including regular brushing. Give your child small chores. Successful completion of tasks will build confidence. It is never too early to protect your child from the sun. It is time to start every 6 month visits to the dentist

Toilet Training –
By age 3, most children are toilet trained. 85% are dry during the day, and 65% are dry at night.

Development -
Most 3 year old children know 250 words and can talk in three-word sentences. Their speech is 75% understood by a stranger. They can name 4 pictures and know 2 actions. They know their age, sex and can name a friend. They can repeat three digits and nursery rhymes. They can copy circles, and draw stick figures. They can wash and dry their hands, build a tower of 8 cubes, and can imitate a vertical line. They can undress themselves, climb stairs with alternating steps and ride a tricycle. They can stand briefly on one foot.

Diet -
Encourage all four food groups in your child's diet. If your child does not like a particular selection, do not force it on your child - just try again later. This is a good time to switch to low fat milk. Avoid mealtime struggles. Snacks are important, teach you child healthy eating habits by using fruits and vegetables for in between snacks.

Safety Playtime -
Don’t forget about helmets, protective pads, or eye safety when your child is out playing. Careful supervision is necessary when playing near a street or where mowers or tools are around. Teach your children to avoid strange pets.

General -
Children love to climb. Secure bookshelves and appliances to the walls. Curtain and appliance cords should be out of reach. Lock poisonous substances in cabinets. The poison control center’s number should be handy. Gates should be placed near stairs, and windows should be secured.

Car Seat –
At child is required to ride in a car seat until 40lbs or 4 years of age

Special -
It is time to teach your child good touch from bad touch.


More information on the vaccinations: