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Newborn Visit

Crying –
Often crying will peak at 6-8weeks. With time, you will learn to distinguish between a hungry cry from other cries. Try not to use feeding as a way to console every cry. Fussy periods lasting 3 hours on average are common. If crying persists at night, you can try planned awakenings during the day.

Bowel movements -
It is normal for babies to strain. Babies only have constipation if they have very hard and infrequent stools.

Head Positioning:
It is very important to lay your baby in opposite directions each time you put your baby to sleep.  This will encourage normal head shape.

Umbilical cord -
Call if you notice a persistent or bloody discharge. If the skin surrounding the cord is red let your doctor know.

Family Concerns -
Try to sleep when your baby sleeps. Spend quality time with older siblings as they often feel neglected. Remember to cuddle and nurture your baby.

Development -
Babies at this time are learning to smile. It is normal for them to sleep up to 18 hours a day.

Diet -
At this age the baby should not have solids. Avoid microwaving formula or pumped breast milk since uneven heating can cause burns. It is important not to give Karo syrup or honey to a baby. If your baby is a winter baby it may be appropriate to use vitamin D supplements.

Safety Toys -
Be careful not to allow older sibling to share toys or food.

Water -
Never leave your child unattended around water; it takes two inches of water to drown. Turn the temperature of your hot water heater down to less than 120 degrees.

Clothes -
Avoid clothes with loops that can catch on objects.

Sleep - The baby should sleep alone in a crib on his or her side or back. Avoid using pillows in the crib. These recommendations have dramatically reduced the incidence of the sudden infant death syndrome.

Cars -
Rear facing car seats should be used in one of the rear seats.

Fever -
At this age fevers can be serious, please call if your baby is less than 2 months old with a fever (101.0)

Congestion -
Try using saltwater nose drops and the blue bulb syringe. Warm water humidifiers and sitting in a steamed up bathroom will help.

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